From lyrics of intimate vulnerability to proud anthems of self-empowerment, singer-songwriter Salome Pacific reveals a rich spectrum of compelling emotions connected to a deep well of expression.

Against propulsive rhythms, sparkling tracks and rich orchestral flourishes, she commands the spotlight, delivering fierce vocals with an undeniable commitment of consciousness, awareness and pure soul.

From Africa to the Bay Area, Salome has traversed continents, oceans and cultures to fulfill her artistic destiny. Originally from the Republic of Kenya, she grew up in the church singing in gospel choirs. From this experience, she developed keen instincts for intricate harmonies and captivating melodies. 

Relocating to Koln, Germany, she entered the professional musical and performance realms, signing to a major agency and recording for Sony Records.

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Pure Soul

Checkout Salome Pacifics Bittersweet mixtape. Recorded and produced in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Salome’s tracks have been hailed as propulsive rhythms, rich orchestral flourishes, and... read more

New EP

“BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG” Salome says, “While the lyrics present a manifesto of strength and resilience, the day of recording the song was one of self-doubt. I wondered, ‘How can I sing these lines when I’m not feeling this way?’ But the producer reminded me... read more

A European sensation

A former Sony recording artist and European sensation, Salome Pacific has launched the next phase of her seasoned career in the U.S. Salome released her Bittersweet mixtape featuring songs written over the span of a decade; songs that reveal a rich spectrum of... read more